Lower your expenses.

Mass mailing printed statements and invoices can be a headache. Keeping up with postal regulations, changing addresses and maintaining mail supplies is a monumental task. FSG’s mass mailing service lets businesses outsource their mass mailing for better, more cost-effective direct mail. Our professionals use cutting edge technology to data cleanse addresses, drastically reducing the amount of returned mail.

Maximize your productivity.

By outsourcing mass mailing to FSG, you can tap into bulk postage rates unavailable at your current mailing volume. Folding, inserting, sorting and mailing thousands of individual pieces of mail drains productive hours from employees. Switching from in-house mailing to outsourced mass mailing with FSG will save your company money while increasing successful delivery rates.

Best of all, FSG’s outsourced mass mailing services are instantly scalable. Whether you’re sending several hundred or tens of thousands of mail pieces, FSG scales with you effortlessly. Free employee time and storage space by outsourcing your mass mailing to FSG.